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Money and sex, money and sex, money and sex; a Sex Worker's daily mantra. Hotel sex, street sex, pole sex, cathouse sex. Sex, Sex, Sex. Legal sex, Illegal sex, raw sex, safe sex, make-up sex, break- up sex. I love sex.

(Should you sit down or lay down?)

The dressing room smells like a mix of perfumes. Girls are complaining about the guys. Fixing their hair in the mirror, using ego to silence insecurity. Putting down their top competitors, subliminally. It could be the blonde that looks like Pam Anderson that can put her legs behind her head. It could be the brunette that dominates any man with her eyes. Big heels, big bruises. No pity. Pole Kittens know this is a sport, sometimes a blood sport. Teasin' and gettin' paid to play naked.

A phone call is all it takes. The stress is so high. Paranoid of mistakes. Both parties reputation on the line. Illegal sex, is it safe? Not a frame of mind everyone is brave enough to take. Street Kitties and Call Kitties know this is the most dangerous way to get paid to get laid.

Weekly Doc checks, County License, Tax ID number. Now sex is legal. 24 hour protection. Bartenders and Madames. A room for every girl. Being a Housecat is the modern way to get paid to play.

Experience? Hell yeah! I can answer your questions, truthfully, that's what I was—an honest Working Girl. Write me, ask me, use me!

With Love,

Sex Guidess

Sex Guidess is a weekly columnist at BWLust.