Mixtape: Dying Famous, '40 Minutes Late'


  • photo by Carly Jo Maiuro

For most musicians, a documentary about their lives usually comes at the zenith of their career or long after it's over, as with Anvil: The Story of Anvil or Last Days Here (a film about Pentagram lead singer Bobby Liebling).

In the case of local hard-rock band Dying Famous, however, a documentary came out even before the band's debut CD. Local filmmaker Michael D. Gough followed Dying Famous as the newly formed band loaded up and headed to Hollywood for a gig it secured at the Whisky a Go Go (something local band Black Tooth Grin also did a couple of years later).

Though the trip was full of speed bumps—all chronicled in Gough's 2011 film Dying Famous—the band made it back to Boise intact, and, earlier this year, released its debut LP, 40 Minutes Late (Tate Music Group, April 2014).

Both the CD and the film are available at dyingfamous.net.