Mixtape: Ought, 'More Than Any Other Day'


  • courtesy of Constellation Records
A debut LP followed by a multi-city tour is a indication that a band may be worth listening to. Decent reviews are usually a good hint as well. And, so far, all signs point to post-punk quartet Ought finding (and keeping) an audience.

Pitchfork gave Ought's debut, More Than Any Other Day (Constellation Records, April 2014), an 8.4, calling it "endearing and electrifying ... an anxious, distressed record to be sure—brimming with feelings of disaffection and dislocation—but it presents itself as such simply to show you how that nervous energy can be put to more positive, constructive use."

And, in a few days, the Montreal-based band kicks off a North American tour that wraps up in Boise on Monday, July 14, at The Crux. Dub Thompson opens.