Mixtape: Gem State, 'Dubulihasa and Other Tales of Eating and Being Eaten


Readers may be familiar with local artist Tim Andreae, whose images celebrating Chinese New Year graced the cover of Boise Weekly for years.

Andreae is an artist in more than one sense: his band, Gem State (which includes musicians Rebeca Suarez, Thomas Paul, Erin McCarter and Erik Elmer), recently released its debut album Dubulihasa and Other Tales of Eating and Being Eaten. On the Facebook event page for the CD release party Thursday, May 8, 7 p.m. at The Crux, Dubulihasa is described as a "collection of stories and lyric writing on the theme of food and that which consumes us ... ghosts and geese, devils and feasts. From mountains to mitochondria, the songs invoke big empty spaces as well as the cramped interior of a body inhabited by a stranger."


You can stream or buy Dubulihasa on Gem State's bandcamp page.