Mixtape: a.k.a. Belle, 'The Devil Loves You'


a.k.a. Belle's 'The Devil Loves You' - A.K.A. BELLE
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  • a.k.a. Belle's 'The Devil Loves You'
In a liner note to a.k.a. Belle's second album, The Devil Loves You (2014), dated March 2, 2013, vocalist Catherine Merrick joked that the band was "thinking about becoming a stripper band."

The album is sultry, and tracks like "Here Come the Death Traps" effortlessly jump between downtempo lounge and early rock and roll. Deep, dyspeptic brass sections cut to crisp guitar licks and upright bass. But the album's dark themes—"Cottonwood Canyon" is a song about a Foothills serial killer—give it variety and nuance.

Check out "H G Wells Is Alive & Well" here.