Mixtape: Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, 'On This Very Evening'


The office space and email inbox of an arts or culture writer sometimes also serve as graveyards for local and national books, CDs and DVDs. Publishers, labels, PR firms, management companies, musicians and authors send physical and electronic copies of new work to media outlets in hopes of a mention or a review. But reviews take (and deserve) time to write, and even a well-staffed outlet can have a hard time keeping up.

So even though we can’t review everything that comes into BWHQ, we do want to let our readers know about as much of it as possible, which is why you’ll now see our new Mixtape blog. A few times each week, we’ll post info about new music, novels, non-fiction, movies and TV shows with links to websites and videos when possible.

For our first installment, we’re going back into the stacks a bit to share On This Very Evening, a late-2013 release by local band Jonathan Warren and the BIlly Goats. These regulars on the Boise music scene mix country, folk and Americana, and can belt a ballad one minute and drop a boot-stompin’ tune the next, without missing a beat.

Visit jonathanwarrenmusic.com for more on the band and a list of upcoming shows.