Mr. Cope's Cave: Listen Here


Not gonna write much today. Just a couple of quick things, then I'm sticking on a music video. If you feel shorted on reading material, spend the extra time I've saved you thinking about what kind of governor would veto a bill that would have allowed some relief to little kids with debilitating epileptic seizures. I guess it's just too bad it isn't Jack Daniels-flavored chaw that's in question rather than cannabis oil, huh?

And about the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing: Never let anyone tell you that America isn't just as capable as any back-ass, third-world shithole of producing soulless savages who put their ideology above all else, including human life.

Now... Eddie Harris. "Listen Here." Good stuff. Makes you want to shimmy and shake and maybe forget about the soulless savages for a time.