Conan Writer Blasts Late Night Comedy, Gets Blasted by Conan


In a social media rebuke of what he called "Prom King Comedy," which had television executives buzzing on both coasts, a writer for Conan O'Brien blasted the complacent status of late night television—and got some pushback from an unlikely source: his own employer.

In a series of tweets, Andres du Bouchet wrote statements like "comedy in 2015 needs a severe shakeup." He pointed to what he said were "celebrities, parodies, pranks, mash-ups and hashtag wars," taking particular aim at staples of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"Shove your lip-synching up your ass," du Bouchet wrote. "Prom King Comedy. That's what I call all this shit," 

On April 20, Conan O'Brien took notice. He tweeted, "I wish one of my writers would focus on making my show funnier instead of tweeting stupid things about the state of late night comedy."

Du Bouchet has since deleted his earlier tweets but late Sunday, he tweeted this: "Geez, I wish this many people gave a crap about my opinions when I was THE leading oncological researcher in the world."