Video: Idaho's Esthetic Evolution Releases Mini-Doc Trailer


For a decade, Esthetic Evolution was one of the Mountain West's biggest electronic dance music parties—a long weekend of music, dancing, costumes, performances and art in the Idaho mountains at Twin Springs Resort. June 2014 marked the "final evolution" Esthetic as an EDM festival after its organizers went on to do other things, but fans of the annual retreat will soon be able to relive the glory days through a mini-documentary made by EE attendee Cameron Jessup from extensive footage he shot during the festival's final two years. 

A trailer for the documentary is now available and according to an EE newsletter, the full version should be online in the next few months, with viewing parties expected to take place in Boise and possibly in Seattle and Portland, Ore., as well. 

The release of the film coincides with a revamp of the Esthetic website, featuring fan videos, slideshows and additional content contributed by organizers and attendees (submissions welcome via EE's Facebook page), though there's no indication Esthetic will return as a festival.