Boise's Hollow Wood Screams 'Oh My God' While Fools Fight


Boise band Hollow Wood is in the company of Fools.

In the recently released video (recent as in about an hour ago) for "Oh My God" off the band's August 2014 Seasons EP, two familiar faces lose all sense of decorum when one man's envy reaches the boiling point. Little does he know, however, that behind closed doors, his seemingly well-off neighbor is hiding a dark secret. Ron Torres directed the video, which stars the Fool Squad's Joe Conley Golden and Tom Willmorth, who are able to convey some of the most fundamental elements of the human condition in less than four minutes. It's a brilliant bit of storytelling by everyone involved.

Watch Hollow Wood's bittersweet "Oh My God" come to life as Golden and Willmorth play out the importance of understanding that what people show us is seldom all there is.