Boise Musicians Raise Awareness for Suicide Prevention (The Crux, Dec. 5)

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Matt Coate joined band Sea of Glass to "Illuminate" the importance of raising awareness of suicide prevention and mental health. - PHOTO BY JENNY BOWLER
  • photo by Jenny Bowler
  • Matt Coate joined band Sea of Glass to "Illuminate" the importance of raising awareness of suicide prevention and mental health.
Local band A Sea of Glass is more than the sum of its parts. 

“We always want people to know that we want them to come talk to us if they need someone to talk to or need a friend," said A Sea of Glass lead singer Joseph Lyle.

"We want to make ourselves available ... to be there for people if they ever need to shoot us a message on Facebook or come hang out. ... We just wanted to shed a light on that and do what we can with our music and make people feel close," he said.

Along with guest performers Matt Coate and Adam Wright, and host Dylan Cole, A Sea of Glass put on a show Dec. 5 to let people dealing with mental and emotional issues know that help is available. The second annual "Illuminate: Raising Awareness for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health" was a free all-ages show, thanks to sponsorship from the Suicide Prevention Action Network of Idaho Southwest Chapter, which donated gift certificates and items to be raffled. Boise Hive, which offers rehearsal space and mental health resources for musicians, was also there.

Since music and art are important creative, as well as therapeutic, outlets for many people, holding a show made perfect sense for both groups.
“The arts attracts a lot of people who are struggling mentally because it’s a different way of trying to express yourself, whether it’s music or visual art or comedy or poetry," Cole said. "It’s just people looking for a way to deal with pain and so I think events like this go hand in hand, as performers want to give back the support that they get for something that keeps them sane.”

Concert-goers agreed. 

“I think it’s really great that they’re having a free show at The Crux to raise awareness for suicide [prevention]," said Kierra Hansen. "It is a prevalent issue in the United States and so I think it’s nice to raise awareness for something like that so people can get help if they need it and feel more comfortable doing so, so people feel more comfortable helping those who have an issue with it. Great music as well, great environment, great time.”

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