Video: Magic Sword Flash Dance Party Shut Down by Boise Police


  • Laurie Pearman

Boise-based electro rock band Magic Sword is known for throwing impromptu performances. Back in August, it cruised Music Fest Northwest, garnering notices in the Portland Mercury and Willamette Week. Halloween night, it struck again, this time in front of Neurolux after a sold-out Wooden Indian Burial Ground show.

The stunt, which featured the band playing out of a truck decked in strobe lights and billowing haze from a fog machine, attracted the attention of the Boise Police Department, which didn't take too kindly to the band performing downtown, outside, using amplified instruments late at night. 

Megan Stoll, who helps manage and market Magic Sword, was in attendance at the Wooden Indian Burial Ground show and was present when the band rolled up in front of Neurolux.

"The show was sold out and there were about 300 people rushing out on the patio. I had no idea whose truck it was. It was a small, two-door pickup truck and people jumped inside the back of it and jumped up and down," she said.

An iPhone video uploaded to Magic Sword's YouTube account captured some of the action. In it, throngs of music fans pour out of Neurolux following the Wooden Indian Burial Ground performance while Magic Sword members, wearing their  LED-illuminated masks and cloaks, played from the makeshift stage. Behind the action, a BPD squad car slows then stops on 11th Street. Though the BPD broke up the party, no arrests were made.

Watch the video here:

Magic Sword performs next at Neurolux Friday, Dec. 5. Tickets are $10.