Need Something to do Sunday?


  • Marc Wolverton Photography

Some people live to get into costumes. Any chance they get to sew a new getup, put on face paint or obscure their faces, they'll jump to it with gusto. For burlesque dancers, dressing up and acting out is part of the daily routine, and this close to All Hallows Eve, expect the unexpected—even on a Sunday.

Beginning at 8 p.m., at Pengilly's Saloon, join Frankly Frankie and a host of burlesque dancers and musicians for Frankly Burlesque. There, you'll catch wild acts by "Scream Queen" Leta Neustaedter, "Musette of Malice" Kelly Tells, Kelly Green, Za'Nyah Zi the Mesmerizing Maiden, Brandi Benson and Lotta Moxie.

There will also be games, sing-alongs, a raffle and spooky people who promise to be nearly naked.