Mr. Cope’s Cave: Dedication Without Borders


Every day, the world is saved from descending into chaos by the grace of a shockingly few good people.—James Baldwin

During these anxious days when typical Americans are hoping and praying Ebola doesn’t come anywhere close to them, we should all take a few seconds to consider those noble souls who have gone out to meet Ebola face to face.

The doctors, the nurses, the aides, Africans and Europeans and Americans alike, I’m assuming all volunteers, whose care for humanity is so much stronger than their fear for themselves that they put their own hearts and hands willingly into that breach between annihilation and life—that sort of courage is nothing short of miraculous. I bow to them, as we all should, and shudder to think what would be happening if they weren’t there.

And how I envy them. To be living with such purpose, such meaningfulness, must be a wondrous thing—a satisfaction few of us will ever know.

I include this music for those constant gardeners, not because it says anything specific about the crisis, but because it is beautiful, and because it speaks to the best in humanity. It moves me in the same divine way that what they are doing moves me.