Blake Shelton Breakin' Records


Earlier this year, Blake Shelton broke a record when “Doin’ What She Likes,” from 2013’s Based on a True Story… (Warner Bros.), became the country star’s 11th consecutive No. 1 single on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, garnering Shelton the most No. 1 hits in a row since the chart’s inception in 1990. In addition, Shelton has taken home nearly 20 country-related Album/Artist/Event/Favorite/Single/Song/Vocalist/All-Around-Awesome-Guy of the Year just since 2010.

Though Shelton has stayed true to his musical roots, calling him a “crossover” artist wouldn’t be totally incorrect: Six seasons as a judge on NBC’s The Voice introduced the charismatic, quick-witted singer to people who had probably never heard of him before but because of him, joined the ranks of country-music fandom. Then, when Voice co-star Shakira tapped Shelton for “Medicine,” a country-esque duet on her new self-titled album (RCA, March 2014), even more people became Sheltonians. (Sheltoners? Sheltonistas?) 

Between those who have followed Shelton since his 2001 debut and his new Voice/Shakira devotees, when Shelton plays the Taco Bell Arena on Thursday, Sept. 25, as part of his "2014 Ten Times Crazier Tour," he should probably expect a record-breaking full house.