Atlanta School Portraits Exhibition to Open at Surel's Place


Atlanta, Idaho, isn't that far away from Boise—three-and-a-half hours northeast—but The Atlanta School is bringing a batch of its Weekend Hideaway works closer to home. The project features self portraits created by artists under the guidance of instructor Kris Hargis and will take over Surel's Place.

The exhibition, Some Semblance: Selected Self Portraits from The Atlanta School, will run at Surel's Other Place gallery at Cinder Wine for three months, from Saturday, Sept. 27, to Saturday, Dec. 27, with an opening reception Sept. 27, from 1 p.m.-6 p.m.

Visitors to the Weekend Hideaway exhibition at Surel's Place are invited to wear costumes, view themselves and create their own self portraits.

Listeners to Boise State Public Radio first heard about Hargis' Weekend Hideaway and what the art of self portraiture mean in an age of selfies and social media profile pictures. Participating artists used mirrors and various media to produce portraits of their own.