The Sound of 'Smoke'


In early 2013, local filmmakers Cody Gittings and Stephen Heleker raised enough money to begin production on Smoke, a film based on a 2011 short story by acclaimed local author Alan Heathcock. It hasn't been an easy process. Filming wrapped last year but, as Gittings wrote in a recent note to backers of the Kickstarter campaign, "making a movie is no simple task. The road to completion is long and arduous, and Smoke has been no exception." 

Posts on the film's Facebook page have been scarce, but one that may have slipped by was a link to the film's stunning soundtrack, written and arranged by local musicians Daniel Kerr and pianist Jeremy Stewart.

A truly great soundtrack elevates a story. Based on the source material, the teaser trailer and tracks like "Heart In A Fever" (below), Smoke is destined to soar.

Listen to the soundtrack here.

Buy the soundtrack here