Slide The City Plans to Turn Boise Thoroughfare Into a Giant Slip-N-Slide


  • Slide the City
Slide the City builds Slip-n-Slides. Big ones. 

The Salt Lake City, Utah, company rolls out its 1,000-foot water slide in cities across the country and lets young folk hit the vinyl on hot summer days. And it might be coming to Boise to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho.

On its Facebook page, RMHCI posted Aug. 4 that it is seeking volunteers to cover the event, and the slide will be set up Saturday, Sept. 6, on Americana Boulevard between Ann Morrison and Kathryn Albertson Park. For each volunteer who signs up to cover a shift during the event, RMHCI will receive a $50 donation.

The Facebook post was massively popular, garnering 1,487 likes, 2,666 shares and 469 comments, the majority of which were in support of the slide, though Slide the City will still need to acquire permits from the city of Boise to make it happen.

And while it all sounds like loads of summer fun for the whole family, read the company's About Page on its website, where you'll find such dubious comparisons as "We like to think of ourselves as carney [sic] workers who still have all of our teeth," and "Don't worry, we got this thing padded, even more than a grade schooler's bra."