Boise Has a New Funniest Person


Kaz Gable is Boise's Funniest Person 2014. - LIQUID LAUGHS
  • Liquid Laughs
  • Kaz Gable is Boise's Funniest Person 2014.
Kaz Gable is originally from Wisconsin. Before moving to the Gem State, he'd heard little about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and nothing of whistle pigs. (If Wisconsin has an equivalent creature, it would be the "moo donkey.") Since becoming a Boise resident, his neighbor has provided him with insight into racist car decals, and, according to the judges of Boise's Funniest Person, he tells "high-level dick jokes."

Gable was anointed Boise's Funniest Person 2014 at Liquid Laughs Aug. 2, after out-yukking four other contenders: Gabe Hess, Merry Cole, Tommy Chartier and Brett Kennedy. He went home with bragging rights; a more confident swagger; thicker, more luxurious hair; and a $1,000 prize. Cole was the runner-up after delivering striking monologues about water boarding olives in gin and the travails of coming out as an atheist to her Mormon family.

Gable's working comedian coach was Brett Badostain. Cole's was Mundek Clement-Stein.

This year marked the second-annual Boise's Funniest Person, during which 20 aspiring comedians are paired with working comedians to compete against each other for cash and glory. After two rounds, each halving the number of contestants, the remaining five amateurs brought their A-games to a packed house, where audience votes awarded the crown to Gable, whose warm stage presence and outsider-looking-in perspective won both hearts and minds.