Mr. Cope’s Cave: And You Keep Sending Them Back?


You've likely heard that yesterday, Congress got out for the summer. Yup, all done until September.

Not that September is looking like they’ll be bucking any heavy bales. They've only got 10 workdays scheduled for that month. 10. And let me remind you, there are 30 days in September, at least 21 of which would be considered work days by any of us … you know … nonCongressmen.

And if you think September looks light, imagine this: They are only working two days in October. Two days! Maybe they don’t want to get all worn out before the big Halloween party, you suppose?

Then they have seven days in November and eight in December before they wrap it up for the year. That is a total of 27 days they will be in session between now and New Year's. Just short of a month. Out of the five that remain.

But perhaps they have been humping it so hard for the first seven months of 2014 that it makes up for this … shall we say … rather light load they plan on carrying for the remainder?

Nah. From Jan. 1 to yesterday (July 31), our U.S. Congress—as scheduled by that pathetic excuse for a man, John Boehner, and approved by his Republican majority—has logged only 86 days of doing the people’s business. By year’s end, they will have managed 113 days of doing what you sent them there to do. (I don’t include me in that you because I am proud to say, I had no goddamned part of sending the four Congressmen who represent Idaho to do anything.)

There’s not a week out of the 52 that they will have worked a full five days—they seem to have arranged perpetual three-day weekends for themselves—and the most they will have worked in any month will have been 16 days (in July).

And here’s the kicker. For less work than is expected of your average kindergarten student, each and every one of them will have received 174,000 buckaroos. One hundred, seventy-four thousand U.S. dollars! That is approximately three and one half times the national average annual income and four times the average income of Idahoans. (Note: As Idaho is near to the bottom on every statistic that matters, including average yearly income, you might think our four Congressmen would be compensated on some sort of pro rata basis and get paid in proportion to what their constituents get, but no. They get the full 174 grand, no matter how shitty a job they are doing for the folks back home.)

So fellow citizens, how many days will you have worked by the end of the year? In how many weeks do you take Fridays off? In how many months do you take, at least, a two-week vacation?

Yet for the next three months, we Idahoans will hear at least three of the bastards—Risch, Simpson and Labrador—actually bragging about how, by accomplishing nothing themselves, they blocked our president from accomplishing much of anything, too.

And about 60 percent of you likely voters will be stupid enough to vote for them again.