Japanese Woman Arrested for Custom-Made Kayak


Oh, the wonders of 3-D printing. - SPORTSCENE PADDLE SPORTS
  • Oh, the wonders of 3-D printing.

Mostly she was arrested because her custom-made, bright yellow kayak is actually a 3-D mold of her own vagina, according to NBC News.

To be more specific, the Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi, 42, was arrested for distributing a digital model of her junk on July 12—illegal under local obscenity laws—when she crowd funded the project, then sent the file to her backers as a thank-you. She faces up to two years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

 She raised about $10,000 through crowd funding to have her vagina 3-D printed into a kayak.

The artist works under the alias Rokedenashiko, meaning "good-for-nothing girl." According to Sportscene Paddling Sports, her goal is to break down taboos around female genitalia in Japan. Female privates are discreetly called "asoko" (meaning "down there"), rather than more vulgar terms like "manko" ("pussy"). Playful words for "penis" are much more common in Japan among adults and kids alike.

Igarashi paddled her vagina boat on the Tama River, between Tokyo and Kanagawa. 

"I was wondering how I could make it possible, and then I finally found that 3-D scanner can make it happen easily!" Igarashi told Sportscene. "3-D scanner can be used to make a p***y boat that will go across the ocean!"