Tumbling for DashCon


Rumors of a Tumblr convention had been swirling for years, especially after Yahoo's $1.1 billion buyout of the site. It finally came to fruition July 11-13 in Schaumburg, Ill., with DashCon, "A Convention for Tumblr Users, By Tumblr Users.” 

DashCon had panels and activities on everything Internet. Special guests included folks from the Welcome Night Vale podcast, surfer lady, and Etsy shop Android Sheep FTW, which specializes in fandom and "geek" merchandise. Other notable events included Defined Lines, an in-depth look at rape culture and media; Westeros Is Where It’s At, which explored the world of Game of Thrones; A Day in the Life at Hogwarts; What’s the Deal with Beacon Hills?; LGBTQA Support; Ask An Avenger; How Genetics Really Work; Shakespeare: A Discussion; and much more, as well as, naturally, a costume contest for cosplayers to show off their talent and skills.

Visit westoftheglass.tumblr.com with the tag "dashcon live" to check out blog posts from the event.