BODO Constellations Part of Public Art Piece


  • Harrison Berry

If you've been in BODO recently, you may have noticed that the sidewalk in front of Urban Outfitters on the corner of Eighth and Front streets has some unusual markings.

Those aren't the urban equivalent of crop circles: They're the beginnings of work by Boise artist Amy Westover and architecture firm McKibben and Cooper.

Titled "Virgo," the piece will be the latest contribution to the Eco Art on Eighth series. Slated for completion by the end of August 2014, "Virgo" is meant to invoke the environmental themes surrounding air quality by depicting the constellations of the autumnal equinox. The piece will cost $42,000, paid for in part by the city's Percent for Art Program.

Ultimately, "Virgo" will appear on both sides of Eighth and Front streets (see below), and the constellation points will be made from steel discs inserted into the sidewalks. 

Other installations in the Eco Art on Eighth Series include Litharacnium on the corner of Eighth and Broad streets, and Heliotrope, which still awaits a permanent location after being removed from the corner of Eighth and Main streets for the construction of City Center Plaza.

The ultimate layout for Amy Westover's 'Virgo' - BOISE CITY DEPARTMENT OF ARTS AND HISTORY
  • Boise City Department of Arts and History
  • The ultimate layout for Amy Westover's 'Virgo'