Saint Lawrence Gridiron Resurrects Outdoor Movie Night


705 W. Bannock St. has changed hands a few times, to say the least. In days of yore, past establishments took advantage of the outside wall and projected movies for the enjoyment of restaurant patrons and passers by. And now, Saint Lawrence Gridiron is bringing movie night back in all its summer cinema glory. 

Order some food, drinks, snuggle up to the one you love or sit alone in a sophisticated manner and watch The Royal Tenenbaums this evening. There is no cost for the film viewing but for Pete's sake, if you're going to sit in their space order some food (also, order it because it's really good). Having fun on a weeknight is kind of like stealing a base - if you're good and loose, you can pull it off. Tonight, steal that base. 

9:30. FREE. Saint Lawrence Gridiron, 705 W. Bannock St., Boise, 208-433-5598,