Uli Westphal's 'Cornucopia' Opens Tonight at Ming Studios


  • Uli Westphal
The new Ming Studios gallery opens tonight at 5 p.m. with an inaugural exhibit that will provide food for thought.

Uli Westphal's Cornucopia is a selection of sculpture, installation and digital prints that "contrast industrial food production with the stunning biodiversity found in nature." His images often depict brightly colored but misshapen fruits and vegetables—some of which he grows himself—that fall far short of cosmetic standards of beauty so are discarded before making it to market. Westphal "examines American supermarkets and agriculture," and asks viewers to look at "where food comes from and how it's being produced." 

Westphal, who has been in Boise for several weeks working on Cornucopia, will be at tonight's opening.

More information on Ming's website and Facebook event page.