Video: Boise Weekly at the Brew-O-Lympics


Sockeye Grill & Brewery hasn’t opened their new Fairview location yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have beer-filled fun in its parking lot. On May 17, Sockeye announced the Brew-O-Lympics as part of American Craft Beer Week. The daylong event invited teams from several local breweries to come together and partake in games and drinking. The teams competed in flip cup, bean bag toss and other inventive beer-related games.

“Josh King has kind of been the brains and power behind this for a long time. He’s been wanting to do this for years, to bring the breweries together and get us all to support each other,” said Amanda Moutsanides, an assistant manager with Sockeye Brewing.

Draft beers were being served up from the likes of Highlands Hollow, Woodland Empire, Crooked Fence and many more. With cups priced at three bucks, who could say no? Those not a part of a brewing company could simply fill their cups, sit back and relax while enjoying the live music and observing the mayhem that ensued.