Idaho Gubernatorial Debate Wins the Internet


If you didn't watch it last night, or haven't seen it online by now, you're missing out on the birth of what will undoubtedly be the next great Idaho meme. 

Broadcast by Idaho Public Television on May 14, Idaho Republican gubernatorial candidates Harley BrownWalt Bayes, Sen. Russ Fulcher (Meridian) and incumbent C.L. "Butch" Otter faced off in their only debate ahead of the GOP primary Tuesday, May 20.

The gathering was... well... unique.

Watch it here. Or cut to the highlight reel, but you'll miss some real gems (like the observation that same-sex couples love each other more than Harley Brown loves his motorcycle). 


UPDATE: YouTube user Nick McMullin, who spliced together "The Great Idaho Debate Supercut," took down his video this afternoon.