Need Something To Do Sunday?


Mothers play an important role in our lives. We literally wouldn't be here without them. They wipe our tears, discipline when necessary and embarrass us with nude baby pictures when significant others come to visit. A cynical view of Mother's Day would be that it is just another excuse for Hallmark to take your money. A more positive outlook is that one day a year is pretty easy, considering all moms do. 

Show her you love her with a grand buffet that requires no work except lifting a fork. The Grand Mother's Day Buffet at Eagle Hills Golf Course has everything covered, from sides to dessert, and you won't have to wash (or break) any dishes when it's all over. Also, keep that Hallmark card out of your pocket or else it will get bent beyond recognition.

9 a.m.-3 p.m. $23-$43. Eagle Hills Golf Course, 605 N. Edgewood Lane, Eagle, 208-939-0402,