Mr. Cope’s Cave: So You Think You Can Play Guitar...


On this day, I’m inaugurating a new series here in Mr. Cope’s Cave: “So You Think You Can Play Guitar...” Consider it, if you will, a series within a series, that broader series being the one I inaugurated several weeks ago when I started periodically stealing musical videos from YouTube and fencing them on this here blog shop—hopefully, but not necessarily, for your enjoyment.

When I started dealing in blog music, I didn’t think of it as a continuing series. I thought of it more as a relatively easy and painless way of getting a blog done on days when I didn’t feel like doing a blog. (I call that condition “blog constipation,” or sometimes “clogstiblogtion”—more on that another day.)

However, as you might have noticed from my columnizing, I really do like to write about selected subject matter in open-ended series, if for no other reason than the fact there are some things—most things, actually—which cannot be satisfactorily explained, covered or ridiculed in a mere 1,000 words.

Plus, knowing that whatever I’m writing about can be continued at a later time or in subsequent columns has a tendency to relax the tension that comes with the feeling that I have to say everything at once. Know what I mean? It’s like writing in chapters, and no matter how far apart those chapters are, they are held together by the common theme, conditions of which will undoubtedly change as time goes by.

As to the music video blogs, in retrospect, I now realize there has been a common theme connecting each and every video I’ve presented, and each and every video I intend to present in the future. Therefore, I am going to give the series (that I did not set out to do) a title which will reflect that common theme and acknowledge they were, indeed, all parts of a series that will run for as long as it makes me happy to run it, and not a minute more.

So from here on, any and all of Mr. Cope’s Cave episodes that involve a music video will be part of the series “My Musical Taste Is Way Better Than Yours.” And within that larger series, there will occasionally be another entry into the sub-series “So You Think You Can Play Guitar...“—for which today’s blog is only the first “chapter.”

I would expect that in months to come, I will develop more sub-series within the larger “My Musical Taste Is Way Better Than Yours” series. For instance, I can easily envision a sub-series entitled “Just Because You Can Play ‘Louie Louie’ on a Keyboard You Bought at Radio Shack for $99 Doesn’t Make You a Pianist.”

Other future sub-series may be “If I Were You, I’d Go Pawn That Horn of Yours as Soon as You Hear This Guy Play,” and “I Don’t Know What You Call What You’ve Been Doing, But This Is Singing!”

I may also develop further a concept I have been mulling over since my daughter grew old enough to prefer the popular music of the time over the ditties she heard Barney the Dinosaur and Mr. Rogers perform. I have it tentatively titled “My Generation’s Music Changed the World; Your Generation’s Music Makes My Skin Crawl!”

Now, as I feel another bout of clogstiblogtion coming on, let us get to the first chapter of “So You Think You Can Play Guitar...“