LGBT Vet Denied Wife's Burial in Idaho Veterans Cemetery Makes The Daily Show


  • Laurie Pearman
The story of Madelynn Taylor, the veteran whose request that her wife be interred beside her in the Idaho Veterans Cemetery was denied because of Idaho's Constitutional ban on gay marriage, was first reported by Boise Weekly but has since garnered headlines across Idaho and around the world.

Last night, the story got The Daily Show treatment, in which Taylor got a nod from host Jon Stewart and Idaho's stance on gay marriage was pitted against deeply held beliefs about the treatment of veterans.

"Idaho, you're telling me you don't want to see that sweet old lady...burned to ashes and placed—the point is, just let her do what she wants," Stewart said. 

Part of a Daily Show segment called "GayWatch" that highlights events significant to the plight of the LGBT community, Taylor's story begins at about 4:40.