Art Historian and Ceramics Expert Garth Clark to Lecture at Boise State



Ceramics occupy a middle ground in the visual arts. Where paintings always modify their medium—whether that medium is a canvas or the side of a subway car—and sculpture is pure form, ceramic art is a branch of creativity that combines form, aesthetics and the potential for function.

Garth Clark, an award-winning art historian and writer, will give ceramic art its due as he premieres his new lecture, "Ceramics + Art Version 14.0" at the Boise State University Student Union Hatch Ballroom Tuesday, May 6, at 5:45 p.m.

The lecture explores the proliferation of ceramics and ceramic artists in the fine arts world, and the medium's movement from the "craft ghetto to the blue chip art galleries." 

Clark has written more than 70 books and his work has influenced the art of Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei. His lecture will feature ceramicists from Kathy Butterly to Edmund de Waal to show the medium's potential and the direction it's taking now that it is receiving renewed interest from critics and galleries.