Downtown Boise's Impromptu Easter Egg Hunt, Idaho Green Fest



If you happened upon one of these in Downtown Boise Friday you may have been a little confused—especially if it was stuffed with cash or a gift certificate:

Over 100 people assembled across the street from the Egyptian Theatre for a local nonprofit's version of Easter. The Twenty Dollar Promise—brain baby of local web/graphic designer Courtney Allen—is a pay-it-forward organization whose primary mission is to perform random acts of kindness for total strangers. Allen, alongside a few friends, put together the event to promote their message that simply doing nice things for other people is a worthy investment in community.

Egg hunter Curtis Baba, a Seattle transplant, was especially thrilled that Boise's citizens took the initiative to put the event together.

"It's been fun. I think it say a lot about what Boise is working hard on becoming—making a name for themselves as a town that is not looking to profit on something like this."


Over 800 eggs were hidden between Fifth and 12th streets, with everything from gift cards to cash to candy. Parilla Grill, Bleubird Cafe, Liquid/Solid, Rediscovered Books, Taj Mahal and The District Coffee House all chipped in on the goodies for the event.

Speaking of community, check out Idaho Green Fest today on Eighth and Bannock. Tons of live music—all with the mission of promoting local causes. The event runs from 4-10 p.m. Here's the lineup: