Boise Artist Erin Ruiz Shows Work at SF Nick Cage Art Show


  • Erin Ruiz/Facebook

In the words of one BW editorial staff member, Nicolas Cage is "endless." His films have been lauded by critics, hits with the public and utter duds. He has owned a Bavarian castle and a haunted New Orleans mansion. Cage once outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for the skull of a Tarbosaurus—the Asian equivalent of the Tyrannosaurus Rex—and one time, Dog the Bounty Hunter posted his bail. 

Like many artists, Boise artist Erin Ruiz was attracted to Cage as a subject, and April 12, one of her paintings of Cage as Cameron Poe in Con Air (1997) was part of an exhibition of works inspired by the actor at the Balancoire nightclub in San Francisco, titled Nicolas Cage Art Show And Musical Shenanigans

The exhibition describes its singular subject as "an enigma of misunderstood sex appeal, raw, unfiltered power and his chameleon-like mystique to portray himself as Nicolas Cage as a character."