Mr. Cope's Cave: O Joy


I’ve struggled to find a way to say how significant this day is without being an I Told You So dick.

I mean, it was so tempting... Affordable Health Care website fixed! Up and running! In spite of terrible rollout, it only took six weeks to turn catastrophe into triumph! Good! Job! Government! I told you so!

And... More than 6 million Americans, previously at risk, now covered. And just wait until you see how it does during the next enrollment period! I told you so!

And... What are the asshole Republicans going to do now? Who’s going to be the one to tell those 6 million already enrolled that Congress is going to repeal the law and strip away their security? Who's going to tell Americans we’re going back to the old ways? I told you so!

And... A solid majority of Americans now want the law kept, with or without further tinkering, as opposed to a dwindling minority which has repeatedly demonstrated that they don’t give a damn whether people are effectively insured or not—e.g. “asshole Republicans.” I told you so!

And... All the lies and distortions and dark money amassed to defeat this blessing were no match for the cool, intelligent doggedness of the man it was all meant to humiliate and the determination of the people it was meant to benefit. I told you so!

See? See?

See how easy it would have been for this to turn into that? A gloat fest of rubbing the asshole Republicans’ collective face in the success of Mr. Obama’s accomplishment? It could have been no more than a strident nyah-nyah-nyah, which, in English, translates to, This thing, this grand legacy, this Obamacare will still be a part of America long after you are gone and forgotten, John Boehner. And you, Ted Cruz. And you, Rand Paul. And you, Mitt Romney. And you. Michele Bachmann. And you... oh my, there are so many asshole faces to rub it in, aren’t there?

But as you can tell. I’ve decided to take the high road. I’ve decided this isn’t the proper time for I Told You So! dickishness. This is a time for gratitude. For celebration. For delight.

And it is time for music. I believe the piece I’ve chosen reflects the mood of this day. And this particular performance reflects the accomplishment itself—the slow and inauspicious beginning, the build up of undeniable forces, the ultimate release of... of...

Well, I’ll let you pick the word.