Need Something To Do Tuesday?


You show up to work every day and dutifully complete your tasks. Day after day, you listen to your boss as they talk about their trip to Martha's Vineyard in '08 and you take it like a champ. Your reaction could be more volatile, but you've got an outlet—that notebook you hide in your storage ottoman at home. Full of sharp and witty observations about life and the world, you coyly wait to unleash your brilliant thoughts upon the unsuspecting populous. 

Learn how to turn your scattered thoughts into pure comic gold at the Real Talk Comedy Workshop at Liquid. Experienced comic artists will help you refine your approach to joke dispensing and you'll finally have what it takes to stick it to the man/credit card company/cellphone provider/former significant other/et al. 

6 p.m. FREE. Liquid, 405 S. Eighth St., Ste. 110, Boise, 208-287-5379,