Three at Treefort: RJD2, Calico, Pontiak


If laser light-shows, dance music and cheering generated heat, RJD2's anticipated Saturday night performance on the Treefort main stage was like a summertime party on the beach—even though temperatures dropped into the 20s after the sun went down. A little chill in the air won’t stop Boiseans and the renowned DJ recognized that: When he stepped on stage, he told the crowd he was impressed by festival-goers sense of “civic pride,” adding, “Your city’s fucking awesome,” before launching into a set that had the crowd screaming themselves hoarse.

Across town at The District, young and old alike stayed warm as they crowded together to see local high-schoolers Calico perform smart arrangements and sweet melodies in a spot-on set.

One of the big draws of Treefort each year is Built to Spill at El Korah Shrine, and this year is no exception as evidenced by the waiting line that stretched nearly a city block for the band's Saturday night set. But over at Neurolux, it was warm inside as the gritty psychedelic rock sounds of Pontiak washed over the packed crowd and a video of abstract images played across the Virginia-based Carney brothers. Last time they were in town, Pontiak played the Linen Building and nearly blew the rafters off the high ceilings. The trio delivered again and, if possible, was even better this time around. Here's hoping Pontiak doesn't wait until 2015 to come back to Boise.