Stan Says: BW Sends Stan Jackson to see Lady Antebellum


"Better than fireworks." - PHOTO BY STAN JACKSON
  • photo by Stan Jackson
  • "Better than fireworks."

As Boise Weekly’s distribution manager, Stan Jackson is the face of the paper for not only the businesses that distribute BW but many of its readers, as well. Jackson is an interesting guy with a rich history: He used to play semi-pro baseball; he has seen Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole perform; he has worked at BW for 16 years; and he loves Lady Antebellum, which is why when the band performed at Taco Bell Arena on March 12, we sent Jackson and asked him to report back. Here’s what he had to say:

On opener Kip Moore:
“He was kind of a stud muffin.”
Jackson said when the crowd, who was still settling in, didn’t react to him energetically enough, Moore “copped an attitude” and jokingly told the audience that he fed off their energy, and if they didn’t get more excited he was leaving. “The crowd erupted in cheers and applause,” Jackson said. “Especially after he put on a Boise State jersey with Kellen Moore #11 on it,” he added, laughing.

On Grammy Award-winning opener Kacey Musgraves:
“She won’t be an opener for long. … I overheard a few people say they were there to see her and I can see why. Man, she was great.”

On Lady Antebellum:
“It was spectacular. Just spectacular.” 
Jackson loved the big screens that allowed him to see the action on the stage from parquet seating and, like most of the packed house, he stood for the entire show—that’s probably what prompted Lady Antebellum vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Charles Kelley to thank the Boise crowd for an “outstanding reception.”

The light show was incredible, Jackson added—at one point, the light looked like confetti that “seemed to float forever”—and he hasn't seen a show as good since 1984 in Denver, when he took his kids to see Michael Jackson. He described it as “better than Fourth of July fireworks.”

Wednesday are long days for Jackson. He’s at BWHQ by around 6 a.m. to unload the delivery truck, and usually heads home around 6 p.m. March 12 started the same way for Jackson, but that day he didn’t get home until nearly 11 p.m. We expected he’d have to drag himself out of bed and into the office the next day. Instead, he was energetic and cheerful.

“Lady Antebellum was spectacular,” Jackson reiterated. “I got my batteries recharged.”

Full house at Taco Bell Arena for Lady Antebellum March 12. - PHOTO BY STAN JACKSON
  • photo by Stan Jackson
  • Full house at Taco Bell Arena for Lady Antebellum March 12.