Boise Weekly Visits Trader Joe's With a Shopping List. Here's What We Found Out:


  • Kelsey Hawes

Trader Joe's opens Friday, Feb. 28, but Feb. 26, Boise Weekly took the nickel tour of TJ's 13,000-foot grocery store (see the slideshow here).

The opening day veneer was almost complete. Painters were still putting the finishing touches on wall murals depicting the City of Trees, and an employee wielding a floor waxer was giving the linoleum one last polish before opening day. All the "mates" were wearing Hawaiian shirts. Scott Dudek, the store's "captain," conducted a press safari of the grocery that's familiar to some Boiseans, but so foreign to others.

"We consider ourselves a local neighborhood store," he said.

  • Kelsey Hawes

TJ's is new to Boise, and rumors abound about everything from its prices to its atmosphere. To dispel any myths, BW went in with a shopping list of TJ's classics and kitchen must-haves. Here's what Boiseans will pay for favorites and standard fare:

Trader Joe's brand Pita Chips with Sea Salt: 6 oz—$1.99

Tomato Basil Hummus: 7 oz—$1.99

Cookie Butter: 14.1 oz—$3.69

Harvest Grains Blend: 16 oz—$2.69

Beef Tenderloin Filet Mignon: $13.49 per pound

Flat Iron Beef Chuck Steak, pre-marinated: $9.49 per pound

Charles Shaw wine (seven varieties) ("Two Buck Chuck"): $2.99/bottle, $35.88/case

Mochi Balls: 12 oz—$3.49

Milk Chocolate Potato Chips: 6.5 oz—$2.90

Bananas: 19 cents each

Joe's Dark Coffee: 13 oz—$4.99

Salsas: 12 oz—$2.49-$3.29

Eggs: one dozen—$1.89-$3.99

  • Kelsey Hawes