Hey, Guess Who Won a Gift Card!


We have a winner!

Last Friday, in honor of Valentine's Day, we had a little contest where we judged online comments on the most awkward places someone could send a barbershop quartet to serenade our loved ones. The grand prize: a $50 gift card to Mai Thai Modern Asian Cuisine. 

The prize goes to Audrey Casper for suggesting an intervention. She also recommended a break-up dinner and in the room while a baby is being delivered. But we really loved intervention. So congrats, Audrey. Come pick up your Mai Thai gift card at BWHQ before Friday at 5 p.m.

In order to be eligible, the comments had to be posted on the Boise Weekly blog. Here are a few honorable mentions:

At a support group meeting for those with Melophobia, the fear of music
During a sleep test/study
At the dentist's office while his hands are in your mouth
The Lunch Box Waxing Salon (Facebook comment)
A Japanese Massage Parlor (Facebook comment)

Thanks everybody for playing, and may your next Valentine's Day be more awkward than the last.