The Golden Globes: 90 Seconds of Highlights, All the Dresses


Seeing our favorite movies, TV shows and actors receive recognition for their work is great, but we could watch one of those movies or a few episodes of one of those award-winning TV shows in the time takes to sit through something like last night's 71st annual Golden Globes ceremony, from the red carpet to the final acceptance speech. 

So thank you Digg for giving us 90 seconds of Andy Samberg wishing he'd done his homework; Robin Wright wishing she'd done hers; Jennifer Lawrence being adorable; Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-creator Daniel J. Goor "thanking" his family; Julia Louis-Dreyfus looking cool in sunglasses; Aaron Paul shouting an apropos "Yeah, bitch"; and more. 

And, thank you Huffington Post for the slideshow of all the glamorous gowns.