Celebrate 25 Years of Discovery


Image courtesy Discovery Center of Idaho.

Birthdays, in theory, should be fun. They are full of warm wishes and often cards, gifts and cake. But sometimes, birthdays aren't fun. Like when your "friend" in fifth grade didn't inform you about the party while everyone else in class had a candy-adorned invitation waiting on their desk. Dry your tears. 

The Discovery Center of Idaho is celebrating its 25th birthday Friday, and you're invited—assuming you can fork over the price of admission. That shouldn't be difficult considering the entry fee will be the same as it was in December of 1988: three dollars. That gets you liquid nitrogen ice cream, cupcakes and the opportunity to view the Classics exhibit, the Discovery Center equivalent of a greatest hits album. 

Jan. 3, noon. $3. Discovery Center of Idaho, 131 W. Myrtle St., Boise, 208-343-9895, dcidaho.org.