Screwing the Pooch


  • Science of Dogs (

We've written about how the average man has changed physically over the years, but more dramatic are the changes undergone by man's best friend.

Using images from a 1915 book titled Breeds of All Nations, the blog Science of Dogs juxtaposed 100-year-old pics of pooches alongside their modern-day, purebred relatives, showing the dramatic changes brought about by a century of selective breeding.

Among the most dramatic: the Bull Terrier, which once looked, you know, kind of like a terrier, has over the course of 100 years turned into the neurotic, shark-skulled mess whose most famous representative was the beer-hawking TV pitchdog, Spuds McKenzie.

From bulldogs who can't walk—much less breathe well—to wheezing pugs prone to heart attacks, we could say that humans have (quite literally) screwed the pooch when it comes to genetic engineering. 

Click here for some overlay comparison pictures of what we hath wrought in pursuit of the more-perfect pet.