Boisean to Shred the Gnar—in Ecuador


While many in Boise are getting ready to hit the slopes up at Bogus Basin and Brundage Mountain, one Boisean is getting ready to shred—in Ecuador. 

TJ Hughes, 24, of Boise, plans to travel to Quito, Ecuador, during his spring break, between Friday, March 28-Sunday, April 6. That's where he'll be doling out skateboard gear, including shoes, clothing and built skateboards, to children in need

"I just want to help kids," Hughes said. "It doesn't matter where they're from."

In tow will be Ronn Seidenglanz of Sidewayz Films, who will be capturing footage of Hughes speaking to children at an orphanage, helping organize a skateboard competition and giving away skate swag. 

"I want to see how this changes T.J.," Seidenglanz said. 

Hughes has been collecting skateboard gear in advance of his trip for months. Thus far he has collected parts from more than 50 skateboards and has been able to build seven complete skateboards. He has also obtained between 30 and 40 pairs of shoes and a bundle of other items. 

According to Hughes, in Ecuador, a complete skateboard could cost as much as $300. 

Earlier this year, Boise Weekly reported that Hughes skated the 45 miles between Idaho City and Boise to raise awareness for his upcoming trip. Above is Seidenglanz's short documentary about that adventure. Take a look.