Saucy Pin-Ups for Thanksgiving


Sexist or sexy? You make the call. - COPYRIGHT BETTMANN
  • Copyright Bettmann
  • Sexist or sexy? You make the call.

There's nothing sexy about Puritanism. The newcomers to Plymouth who weren't wearing buckles on their shoes and hats were wearing dowdy-by-design coarse cotton dresses. That sexlessness has been unfairly associated with Thanksgiving, when people stuff cornucopias with decidedly un-erotic fruits like corn and squash, and turkeys with bread, mushrooms and herbs. 

Thankfully, the first stirrings of a sexual revolution in the 1950s and 1960s gave us a few photos of pin-up girls striking Thanksgiving-themed poses and, also thankfully, Huffington Post has ferreted out a selection of them. 

It would be too easy to level a charge of sexism at the photos, which depict leggy blondes and brunettes posing seductively with turkeys and strutting with blunderbusses in scenarios that imply erotic violence. A more generous interpretation is that these photos provide a link to the past while espousing a showy, stage-friendly sexuality of mid-century America.