The Arcade Building, Boise's Newest Artists' Co-op, to Open Monday, Oct. 28


A new artists' cooperative is about to swing open its doors.

Monday, Oct. 28, The Arcade, located at 1615 W. State St., begins scheduling tours and leasing its 12 member spaces—10 spaces at $200 per month and two spaces at $250 per month, plus a $50 start-up fee—use of its photography studio, the common area known as The Fort and the in-house gallery space.

Basically,The Arcade is billing itself as an artists' fortress of solitude.

Here's how it works: Participating artists rent workspace and spend eight hours a month cleaning or working in The Shop—The Arcade's in-house store. In return artists get utilities, Wi-Fi, monthly artist showcases, photography services and a bio to appear online.

The Arcade is the brainchild of Erika Hendrix and Mindi Burt, who started the space as a sanctuary.

"We're hoping to simplify the workload and promote artists by doing whatever we can do to get them some recognition for their awesomeness," said Hendrix in a press release.