McConkey Ski Film, Heartfelt Homage



Shane McConkey—one of the most innovative and adventurous skiers of all time—catapulted off a cliff in the Italian Dolomites on March 26, 2009. One of his skis, which were designed to eject from his boots upon lift off, failed to release, sending him into a disorienting tailspin that prevented him from pulling his parachute.

Little did he know that this would be his last ski-BASE, or that his legacy would be so celebrated. McConkey—the latest film offering from Matchstick Productions (MSP) and Red Bull Media House, is a beautifully assembled homage to the fallen athlete, chronicling his entire life and the people and places he touched with his charisma and unbridled desire to push the limits of the possible. Unlike most ski porn, McConkey focuses on the nostalgic and historical elements of an industry that can be considered trendy, pretentious, even vain.

Instead of rage metal, bad fashion and 14-year olds hucking their meat in the terrain park, McConkey is pure soul—and long overdue in the ski film industry.

The film shows the lighter side of being a professional skier and, more importantly, provides an honest portrait of the life of a man considered by some to be the greatest skier of all time. McConkey is packed with irreverent, unapologetic humor, personal struggle, hard-to-imagine success, vintage outtakes and everything in between. Whether you like winter sports or not, this film offers plenty of appeal for anyone who has ever had "that crazy friend," making it universally relatable.

McConkey played to an enthusiastic crowd in Boise Thursday night at the nearly-packed Egyptian Theatre.

McConkey trailer: