Obama Handshake Snub Vid a Hoax... from 2009


If, like us, you were greeted this morning with posts in your Facebook newsfeed from conservo-friends triumphantly LOLing over President Barack Obama's purported snubbing at a meeting of the G20 in Russia, Snopes.com suggests you take them with a healthy pinch of salt.

According to Snopes, Obama was actually introducing then-Russian President (now Prime Minister) Dmitry Medvedev to members of the United States delegation, not unsuccessfully shaking hands with Russian dignitaries. And no, it did not take place at the recent meeting of the G20—the clip in question dates from 2009, when it was first disproved.

Nonetheless, the clip has been circulating again since at least September.

Nice try, Internet. There are far more creative (and easier) ways to make U.S. politicians look totally dysfunctional (ahem, Ted Cruz).