BAM Drops Names of 2013 Triennial Artists



The Boise Art Museum has released the names of its 2013 Idaho Triennial Artists.

This year, artists from across the state submitted hundreds of works, of which 65 works by 40 artists were selected by guest juror Bonnie Laing-Malcomson of the Portland Art Museum.

Triennial is a BAM exhibition that showcases Idaho artists and takes place once every three years. The event begins Saturday, Nov. 16.

Last time around, in 2010, Boise Weekly explored local artists' reactions to the call-to-artists notice and its attendant theme. That year, there were 152 applicants for inclusion in the exhibition. In 2007, 249 applied. This year, there were 222 applicants.

This year, there is no theme for the Triennial.

Boise artists selected for participation in the Triennial include:

Chris Binion
Matt Bodett
Maria Chavez and Eli Craven
Erin Cunningham
Caroline Earley
Chad Erpelding
Maria Essig,
Goran Fazil
Thomas Finnegan
Kirsten Furlong
Erika Harvey
Warren Lassen
Karl LeClair
William Lewis
John McMahon,
Kerry Moosman
Nancy Panganiban
Troy Passey
Lisa Pisano
Cassandra Schiffler
Katherine Sexsmith
Randy Van Dyck
Amy Westover

Artists from other communities include:

Sharron O’Neil
Pamela DeTuncq
Wendel Wirth
Mare Blocker
Stacie Chappell
Patt Turner
Eric Demattos
J. Casey Doyle
Stacy Isenbarger
Marilyn Lysohir
Dennis Day
Pablo Dodez
Scott Evans
Tricia Florence
Lynne Haagensen
Milica Popović