Hot Dog Sandwich Headquarters to Close Its Door


Hot Dog Sandwich Headquarters is going out of business. According to a Facebook post, the comic book and record store, which was also home to the Hot Dog Sandwich rock band, has been unable to pay rent at its 3115 W. State Street location.

The owners have until Monday, Sept. 30, to leave the premises. A going-away party is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 14.

Though Hot Dog Sandwich Headquarters was in business for just a year and four months, it became a fixture of Boise's punk and metal music scenes. According to co-owner Steff Bell, that doesn't mean Boise has seen the last of Hot Dog Sandwich.

"The band will continue to do special events and shows. We'll have a presence in the rock scene," she said. "We'll still have a presence in the community, for sure."