60/60 Event Brings The '60s Together



As Boiseans gathered around the front door of the Idaho State Historical Museum for the 60/60 event July 26, it seemed like the year 2013 was a far-distant era. Ladies in tie-dye or flowing corset dresses and men in Abe Lincoln costumes or sporting long-haired wigs and bandannas chatted excitedly as they waited for the 1860s-1960s time warp to begin.

Before long, beers and whiskeys in-hand, attendees "gambled" on the second floor at the blackjack and poker tables. Those looking for a taste of vice from 150 years ago cheered and booed as they lost and won card hands with fake money. Wyatt Earp look-alikes and Mary Todd Lincoln debutantes wandered around the second floor of the museum to engage in a line dancing demonstration, complete with all the formalities of yesteryear.

Those looking to reclaim a piece of the 1960s went downstairs, or if they were adventurous, took the psychedelic-themed elevator, to cocktails and fondue on the basement floor. The smell of hot glue filled the space, as attendees cut out prefabricated mustache designs, glued them to sticks and used them as props.

Before long, the dance floor—which began with curtsies and elegant dance formations—gave way to riffing electric guitars and tambourines, as the vibe jumped a century from 1860 to 1960. Abe and Mary Lincoln clones seemed content to shake their hips to music 100 years after their time period and seemed unfazed by the hippies and nature children who danced side-by side with them. After a couple highballs, even Don Draper himself would've loosened up.